Course Descriptions

LEAP® Course

The LEAP® Course helps persons with mental illness that are either non-adherent, or only partially adherent, become fully engaged in treatment and services (medication, psychotherapy, psychosocial programs, peer-support, supervised housing, etc.) and to cooperate with persons who are trying to help them (with accepting treatment and services and/or in law enforcement/corrections settings, with de-escalation and following requests/directions).

The LEAP® Course is completed over the course of one day and involves didactic, experiential, and role-play workshops. The workshops are unique in that the same evidence-based practices are taught to:

• MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDERS (psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, psychologists, case managers, crisis workers, consumer peer counselors, occupational therapists, etc.)

• FAMILY CAREGIVERS AND FRIENDS (of persons with mental illness)


• And others involved in the care and safety of people suffering from severe mental illness.

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Train the Trainer Course


This interactive one-day facilitator-led workshop is designed to certify individuals to teach the LEAP® Course within their communities and organizations—providing families and professionals the knowledge and skillset to create collaborative relationships with persons who have severe mental illness, so they engage in treatment and services.

Pre-requisite:  The LEAP® Course (one-day)

A more detailed description of the TRAIN THE TRAINERS (TTT) one-day course is also available upon request.

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