Leap Is For Criminal Justice Professionals

An unprecedented number of Americans with untreated serious mental illness are encountering criminal justice professionals and becoming entangled in our justice system. Whether you are a judge, police officer, deputy, corrections officer, prosecutor, defense attorney, or probation officer (criminal court and diversion courts), LEAP will help you in your work with persons who have serious mental illness and especially those who are unaware they are ill (have anosognosia).

LEAP education and training gives you evidence-based tools to:

  • De-escalate an angry, aggressive and/or paranoid person
  • Establish trust quickly
  • Transform noncompliant, oppositional and resistant persons into compliant, cooperative and trusting "partners"
  • Divert persons with serious mental illness from the criminal justice system into the mental healthcare system

You will learn evidence-based communication tools and tactics designed to accomplish all of the above. LEAP-CIT and LEAP Training for law enforcement/public safety officers and for all other Criminal Justice professionals (attorneys, probation, judges, etc.), is evidence-based, practical and comprehensive.

Course evaluations and endorsements from criminal justice professionals are available upon request. LEAP has been featured at the crisis intervention team (CIT) International Training Conference, criminal defense attorny conferences, DOJ Office of Justice Programs conference, Trainings of the Judiciary, probation and corrections.